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3-month Speaker Coaching Package

A 6-session, totally personalised programme, designed to bring your speaking to the next level.

This programme will give you the individualised support, accountability and know-how to ensure you meet your speaking goals.

You will need to have at least one upcoming or a regularly delivered presentation or speaking opportunity available for us to work directly on.

This is not a theoretical course. You need to be ready to work, explore, try and grow.

What you'll get:

  • A 90-minute kick-off session with Helen to work out your speaking goals and analyse your current situation. We then create a personalised plan to make it happen.
  • Regular 60-minute coaching sessions where you’ll get personalised guidance on anything you’re stuck with, whether that’s content development, delivery or simply guided practice and feedback. You can select weekly or bi-weekly sessions (you’ll have a total of five). Our sessions will be a unique blend of workshopping, exercises, review and practice. The sessions can be held online or in-person, if you live in the Suisse Romande area.
  • Access to resources including worksheets and self-paced training modules, all designed to improve your presentation and speaking skills.
  • Personalised support and pep talks to help you stay on track and move forward in the right direction. You can text or send voice memos to Helen with any questions and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours (usually faster, though, so you have quick access to help and don’t have to struggle on your own).
  • Feedback review for presentation materials such as speaking notes, scripts, recorded presentations and PowerPoint slide decks. You’ll have access to two reviews, which are delivered to you in a document or a short video recording.

Click here if you prefer to pay in 3-monthly installments or let me know if you'd like to pay by invoice.

I can't wait to support you to discover your speaking potential!



P.S. The sessions must be used up within 3 months from the start date. Momentum is key!

P.P.S. If you are not sure if this package is right for you, book a Power Hour session first and if you decide to then purchase the package, the amount of the standalone session will be deducted from the package total.

What People Are Saying:

I had great pleasure working with Helen who coached me in honing my presentation skills. Helen is extremely efficient, precise and knowledgeable in her approach. She provided me with very valuable feedback on several aspects - covering the delivery of my presentation but also the presentation content and how the message is perceived by the audience. She creates a context of trust that allows you to feel at ease right away and boosts your confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach and will undoubtedly continue to work with her in the future.


I hired Helen to help me prepare for a public speech about creativity at a corporate event with over 300 people in the audience. She helped me structure my talk, have a stronger conclusion, discover techniques to deal with the nerves, improve my vocal variety and give me the confidence to deliver a 15 minute speech that was unscripted, fluid and engaging. The speech was a huge success (so i’m told) i even had the confidence to throw in some improv comments AND i had no jelly legs this time thanks to Helen’s expert help! If you want to improv your presentation skills, public speaking or ability to communicate your message with impact for interviews or video content - Contact Helen!


[Helen] works quickly to get to know what are your needs and requirements and works towards meeting them. [The training] made me aware of things I was not thinking about before. Eg: range of voice, the way I stood, etc. [Helen] connects well and makes you comfortable. A very supportive and empathetic person to work with, other than being a good listener. She considers place and time that is convenient for you.


Helen helped me with preparing for a three minutes turbo talk in front of a large audience at the 20th anniversary of Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV). Working with Helen gave me the confidence to deliver my message with passion and persuasion. Being a scientist, I usually focus on scientific facts with little attention to getting the message across effectively. The success I had with following Helen’s hand-on tips was striking. I never had that many people congratulating me after a presentation and I am convinced they understood and will remember my message. Helen also provided me with many resources that I can use to further improve my presentation skills. I am sure her support will have a long-lasting impact on how I approach presenting in the future.


Before working with Helen, I was a confident speaker and was doing regular live videos on social media without a second thought. I knew though, that for my business to really grow like I wanted, I'd have to increase my visibility and step out of my comfort zone and live webinars was the best way to do that. And, for reasons still not clear to me, a 45 minute, live teaching opportunity via camera scared me s***less! And there's where Helen saved my bacon! I was able to talk through the fears which was already a huge weight off, but then Helen took each fear and made sure it would get in the way on the day. So she helped with messaging, structure, clarity, delivery, tech ... you name it, she was there. She also attended the event, and helped me to brainstorm topics that will really interest my audience for future webinars. With the result that now, I feel scared, but more excited scared, because I've tighted my layout, delivery, content with Helen's expert help, and I'm so much clearer on what my people really want and how to give it to them, that my next masterclass is an opportunity to showcase my knowledge and really inform people in a helpful way, rather than just a nasty push-though that I hope a few people will attend and that I don't stuff up! So, even if you 're looking to take your speaking to a whole other level which creates an easeful experience for you, as well as develops an engaged audience of eager learners (and potential buyers?), then work with Helen!


It was very helpful to go through the preparation together - to brainstorm and discuss ideas for the topics to cover. Beyond that specific event, I will take away the concept of connecting start and ending of the speech, and to be extra mindful of "the first words out of my mouth".