Q&A Mastery

Prepare for the Q&A or Discussion and Perform Like a Pro

Have you ever opened for questions after your presentation and been met by blank stares? Or been asked a question that you don’t know how to answer? Argh!

Many presentations and sessions contain a Q&A or discussion session. These are designed to get engagements from the audience, start a discussion , answer or debate elements presented or current issues in the industry.

The problem is that most professionals do NOT prepare for this part of the presentation or session.  They’re focused on the content and ppt of their presentation. So when they’re faced with questions they freeze, flounder or become flustered, resulting in an unfocused, disconnected finish to the session. The last word is left to the luck of the gods, depending on what question is asked and how the speakers awkwardly addresses it.

This causes a lot of stress and can end the session on a low, disconnected note.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself:

  • What kind of questions will I be asked?
  • Will I know the answers?
  • Will I be able to find the answers?
  • How do I give enough information to answer a question?
  • How will it all be organised?

This course addresses all of these issues.

Make your Q&As, from now and forever, engaging and an opportunity for you to show off your expertise and shine as the professional that you are.

This course addresses all of these issues. In fact, the Q&A or discussion can be the best opportunity to engage with the audience and show off your expertise.

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Learn how to prepare for the Q&A or discussion through this self-paced training course.


What you will get

  • Six short training videos designed to step you through the process of preparing for and then engaging in Q&A and discussion sessions. Lessons cover:
    1. The context - where, what, why so that you better understand the situation you'll be in;
    2. The questions - how to brainstorm what questions could be asked;
    3. The answers - how to prepare and answer the questions in a professional way;
    4. Get organised - to structure your preparation for easier recall;
    5. Receive, repeat, respond - how to actually manage the questions and your answers on the day;
    6. Tricky situations - reviewing typical challenges and how to manage them.
  • Practical worksheets which will guide you through the preparation process.
  • A free warm-up routine to ensure that you are performance ready on the day.

To get the most out of this course you should be preparing for a “real” Q&A or discussion session. That will bring the lessons to life and allow you to practice the advice and techniques immediately.

The emphasis on this course is practice, not theory.

Being well-prepared for the Q&A discussion will allow you to feel more confident and allow you to shine like the expert you are!

Get Prepared

What do you need to know before you go to the event? What questions should you prepare for? Should you practice? Great preparation is never a waste of time. This course will show you how.

Feel Confident

Confidence breeds confidence. If you are well-prepared and able to confidently answer questions you will inspire confidence in the audience. This confidence will also help you next time you need to speak in public.

Get Noticed

Delivering answers and helping the discussion along will mark you as a leader in your field. Being a good panelist and speaker could result in being offered a job, a grant, another speaking opportunity or a collaboration.

What Others are Saying

"I found all the resources helpful and of appropriate depth and length. I would recommend using these resources for even the most experienced presenters.

My favourite thing about this training was having a 'real life' person providing the information in the videos. This kept my interest and made it feel easy to connect with the information being presented. I also like how practical it was."

 2021 ICN Congress Speaker
Advanced Practice Nurse

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