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A Complete Masterclass in Abstract Presenting


Your abstract has been accepted to the conference.

After all your hard work preparing your research or case study and carefully submitting your abstract, it's now been reviewed and you've been selected to present your research to the conference. This could be incredible for your career and your work. What an honour!

However, there's still some work for you to do

Being accepted onto the conference programme is just the first step. Now you need to put together your presentation in a way that is engaging, interesting AND within the provided time limit. Here are a few questions that you should consider:

  • How will you put your presentation together?
  • Are you planning to just copy and paste your abstract into your PowerPoint?
  • Do you worry about being too boring and not being able to get your message across?
  • Are you looking for new ideas on how to open your presentation to grab the audience’s attention?
  • Is this your first time presenting in front of such a big audience?
  • Are you worried about presenting online?
  • Are you concerned about the Q&A and how you will manage the questions posed?
  • Do you worry about keeping to the time limit?
  • Do you have trouble deciding which data points and graphs to show?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd and bring your research or areas of work to life?

This masterclass is for you if:

  • it’s your first time presenting at a big conference; or
  • last time you presented it didn’t go so well; or
  • you’re looking to improve your presentation skills in general.

This training program has been designed specificially for abstract presentations at industry conference and will take you through a proven process to craft an impressive presentation.

Bring your research or work to life and allow yourself to shine at your next event!

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This practical self-paced course will help you to put together a focused, impactful presentation of your abstract.

What you will get

  • Short training videos which follow a proven sequence, designed to lead you through the steps in putting together your presentation. Lessons cover:
    1. The context - what information you need to know about the event, session and your role;
    2. Your message - to focus on what you want the audience to understand;
    3. The structure - how to craft your presentation and keep within the time limit;
    4. Powerup your PowerPoint - how to create an engaging slide deck;
    5. Set yourself up online - tips to ensure you look professional when presenting (or recording) online;
    6. Prepare for the Q&A or discussion - to ensure you're also ready and confident during any interactive element of the session.
  • Practical worksheets that accompany the videos and guide you through the process.
  • A free warm-up routine to ensure that you are performance ready before your present or record your presentation.

The emphasis on this masterclass is practice, not theory. You need to be ready to do the work to prepare for your presentation that will get you and your work noticed!

Save Time

Where do you start? This step-by-step process will ensure that you don't waste time and will help you to put together an excellent, powerful presentation.

Be Focused

You have limited time to present your work -- learn  what you need to include and what you can leave out, resulting in a focused, impactful presentation.

Get Noticed

Presenting your work at an industry event is a great opportunity. It could result in being offered a job, a grant or a collaboration. But only if you present with confidence!

What Others are Saying

"Appreciate this service and I do think that scientists generally can benefit from learning how to understandably present their data to broad audiences."

2020 HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) Conference Speaker

"I wish that these lessons became more diffused in order to educate more presenters in other virtual events."

2021 International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress Speaker

"I found these resources far exceeded my expectations. As an educator myself for many years I had not truly appreciated the power of having an actual person delivering information. I felt Helen had a very powerful way of connecting with the audience which I have not experienced much in the virtual environment particularly in the asynchronous space. I will be using these tips and tricks for my presentations and in my teaching from now on and thank Helen for putting these together in such an engaging way."

2021 International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress Speaker
Advanced Practice Nurse

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