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If you're ready to really commit to improving your speaking style and start delivering impactful, engaging presentations, pitches, speeches and meetings, then you've come to the right place.

With a background in theatre, singing and recruitment, a certificate in teaching English as a second language and a certified vocal coach, Helen has a talent in coaxing your true voice and potential out of you.

Helen has an empathetic, flexible, informal, playful approach that gets results fast!

There are a various ways that you can work with Helen.

If you're not sure which is right for you or want to make sure Helen is the right speaker or voice coach for you, simple schedule a free discovery call to discuss your challenges and goals. No obligations!

Helen von Dadelszen - Public Speaking Trainer and Vocal Coach
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Get Help Immediately

Do you need additional help in preparing your presentation?

Book a session with Helen to get practical, tailored advice on your message, structure, crafting an engaging opening and closing, polishing your PowerPoint and using your voice and body to better effect. This live, online coaching session will give you concrete ways to improve your presentation and to practice with live, constructive feedback.

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Develop Your Unique Communications Style

Get the the individualised support, accountability and know-how to ensure you meet your speaking goals.

Whether you've just been promoted and need to speak more in your company or industry, your an entrepreneur who needs to get your message across and projects funded, or simply want to (re)find your voice and your own way of speaking, so that others listen, I have a package for you.

These longer-term programmes are tailored to your needs and focussed on practical, immediate application. All that's stopping you is you. Are you ready to work, explore, stretch and grow?

Unlock My Speaking Potential

Love Your Voice

If you feel that you lack control over your voice, that it lets you down, is holding you back, or simply that it doesn't represent you or doesn't do what you need it to do from time to time, you may benefit from voice coaching.

Vocal Coaching Here I Come

Conference Speaker Training

Ensure your next conference programme is packed with professional presentations that have maximum impact and positively contribute to your industry. Even some of your most experienced experts could benefit from some support and training on presentation skills. From abstract presenters, moderators and chairs to keynote presenters, Present Potential can provide you with the training and coaching necessary to Increase the impact of your scientific programme and
move your industry forward. 

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Event Maestro, at Your Service

Whether you need an experienced moderator, a strong event project manager or a team building facilitator, I can help you.

From intimate committee meetings to grand celebrationsĀ  and facilitating panels at prestigious gatherings my experience spans the spectrum. Workshops, trainings, and MC duties ā€“ I've done it all, ensuring each event is a unique reflection of its purpose.

Feel the confidence, see the impact ā€“ let's make your next event an unforgettable experience. Together, we'll turn your vision into reality.

I Need Help With My Events

What others are saying

Steph, Artist

I hired Helen to help me prepare for a public speech about creativity at a corporate event with over 300 people in the audience. She helped me structure my talk, have a stronger conclusion, discover techniques to deal with the nerves, improve my vocal variety and give me the confidence to deliver a 15 minute speech that was unscripted, fluid and engaging. The speech was a huge success (so i’m told) i even had the confidence to throw in some improv comments AND i had no jelly legs this time thanks to Helen’s expert help! If you want to improv your presentation skills, public speaking or ability to communicate your message with impact for interviews or video content - Contact Helen!

Nina, Scientific Collaborator

"Helen helped me with preparing for a three minutes turbo talk in front of a large audience at the 20th anniversary of Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV). Working with Helen gave me the confidence to deliver my message with passion and persuasion. Being a scientist, I usually focus on scientific facts with little attention to getting the message across effectively. The success I had with following Helen’s hand-on tips was striking. I never had that many people congratulating me after a presentation and I am convinced they understood and will remember my message. Helen also provided me with many resources that I can use to further improve my presentation skills. I am sure her support will have a long-lasting impact on how I approach presenting in the future."

Bruno, Entrepreneur

"[Helen] works quickly to get to know what are your needs and requirements and works towards meeting them.

[The training] made me aware of things I was not thinking about before. Eg: range of voice, the way I stood, etc.

[Helen] connects well and makes you comfortable. A very supportive and empathetic person to work with, other than being a good listener."

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