A treasure trove of training courses and other support materials and services to help you speak with more confidence.

Whether you are struggling to put your content together, or totally paralyzed by fear or just want to work on your voice, your body language or your presence - the academy has something for everyone.

Presentation and speaking skills can be developed. You need to be ready to work and commit, but you're not alone and you can unlock your speaking potential.

Helen von Dadelszen - Public Speaking and Vocal Coach

Your trainer and coach

I'm Helen von Dadelszen. I believe that everyone can speak with confidence and conviction. This is a skillset that can be developed and really make a difference to your career and overall confidence levels.

Following years of seeing dedicated professionals, with important missions, research and projects, being overlooked due to weak communication skills I decided to do something about it.

Combining my background in recruitment, HR, project and event management and my personal experience in the theatre and with public speaking, I want to support YOU in reaching your potential.

My empathetic, open approach ensures that I am able to listen to your needs and propose tailored services to help you to shine.

As a presentation coach and trainer I will guide and challenge you through a tailored and practical approach. I will help build your confidence and get you up in front of people. I will give you the tools and techniques you need to get your message across clearly and convincingly. I will be your confidence cheerleader!

Helen von Dadelszen - Public Speaking and Vocal Coach
Helen von Dadelszen - Public Speaking and Vocal Coach
Helen von Dadelszen - Public Speaking and Vocal Coach
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