The Stage Fright Advantage

Learn to Stand Up and Speak Up with Confidence

Does the thought of standing in front of a group of people and speaking terrify you? Well, you're not alone...nerves creep up on even the most experienced speaker.

When it's your turn to speak (at a networking event, meeting, conference) do you suffer from any of the following?

  • shaky legs or hands
  • dry throat
  • sweaty palms
  • wobbly voice
  • mind blank
  • feeling like you're going to be sick
  • feeling like you need to go to the toilet (again!)

Do your nerves actually stop you from standing up and speaking up?

Are you being looked over for a promotion or opportunity?

Is your fear of speaking stopping you from getting your message across?

You're not alone. Many people get very scared when they need to speak in public. However, it shouldn't hold you back.

This course will teach you how to use your stage fright to your advantage. You will learn how to recognise and control your nerves so that you can speak with more confidence, everyday and in those high-stakes moments.

If you want additional assistance and tailored techniques from your personal confidence cheerleader, choose the VIP option! As well as access to the course, you get two coaching sessions from Helen.

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Finally learn how to manage your nerves through this self-paced training course.

It is especially designed for you if you get nervous before presenting or speaking in a high-stakes situation. 


What you will get

  • 5 lessons designed to encourage you to explore your nerves and be able to better control them in the future. The lessons cover:
    1. Why we get nervous;
    2. What thoughts may be getting in the way;
    3. How the nerves show up physically;
    4. How to prepare the body to control the nerves;
    5. How to effectively practice to minimise the nerves. 
  • Practical worksheets and tips that will guide you through the process and provide you with support as you practice your new approach to managing your nerves.
  • A free warm-up routine to ensure that you are performance ready and have more confidence.

The emphasis on this course is practice, not theory.

You need to be ready to do some internal work and undergo practical exercises (which will be explained to you) to control your nerves and speak with confidence.


If you choose the VIP access, you'll also get two, fully personalised online coaching sessions with Helen where she'll provide you with tailored techniques and develop a plan to unlock your speaking potential.

It is possible to manage your nerves and use your stage fright as an advantage. You just need to master the tools and understand your own unique reactions to the fear.

Get Clarity

Understand why you get nervous, in what situations and how those nerves show up for YOU.

Learn Strategies

Full of techniques and tips on how to minimise your nerves and control them when they do show up.

Build on Successes

Learn by doing, taking note and adjusting along the way. You will gain confidence each time you speak and reflect.

What Other are Saying

"Helen helped me create a presentation for the most important event I have ever attended in my career as a scientist!

I learned that power is in my performance, and that I can control the nervous and use it positively to give my presentation more power! 

Helen, you are FANTASTIC !!!!!!!"

Parasitologist, Brazil

"With her smile, professionalism and tailor-made approach, Helen helped me see my strong points as a presenter and gave me tips on how to fine-tune the message and use my voice and body posture to connect with the audience.

The result was amazing: I thoroughly enjoyed pitching, I received many congratulations on my performance and established new connections with great people.

I highly recommend Helen."


Professional Coach/Master NLP Practitioner

"Every topic you share is very very very useful. Simple and clear. Thanks"

2021 ICN Congress speaker

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