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Ensure your next conference programme is packed with professional presentations that have maximum impact and positively contribute to your industry.

You have a world-class programme. Participants expect to learn something, to be inspired, to be provided with high-quality opportunities for learning and to have meaningful exchanges. You have spent hours carefully crafting a diverse and outstanding programme. The sessions in your programme need to do real justice to the important research or projects you are showcasing.

Unfortunately, many presentations fall short of expectations and leave participants disappointed and unwilling to attend future events. Sponsors and exhibitors are also discouraged from committing to the next event when faced with average, uninspiring sessions.

By providing your speakers with presentation training by Helen from Present Potential, you will be increasing the quality of your entire event and giving the experts in your field skills that will help them throughout their careers.

Contact Helen to discuss which elements you want to include in your conference speaker training package:


Online Training Course

Designed to help abstract submitters put their presentation together for a conference.

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Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 personalised guidance, feedback and support for your speakers.


Slide Deck Review

Detailed feedback on speakers' slide decks to ensure they enhance the presentations.


Interactive Sessions

Customised, in-depth training on how to successfully moderate a panel discussion or chair an expert group. 

Drop-in Sessions

Providing an opportunity for speakers to have all their questions answered so that they feel supported and fully prepared.


Mix and match the elements to suit your event's requirements.

You may wish to sell the support and training to your speakers or to one of your sponsors - what a great way for them to contribute to your event and the industry at large!

In 2021, Present Potential provided support for over 600 speakers enrolled for the 2 tailored online training courses, covering abstract presenters, main, regional and symposia sessions. Focussed on providing suupport for first-time virtual conference speakers.

For the 2nd congress in a row, support was given to the World Physiotherapy Congress in the form of a series of webinars with different types of speakers and moderators. Around 300 speakers were supported for each event.

Along with live webinars, individual speaker coaching sessions were offered to almost 200 speakers to review their presentations, practice and provide feedback on elements of performance and slide deck preparation.

Training Courses

Improve your programme by offering online courses to your speakers (at their cost or yours) to ensure their presentations are well-prepared and professional.

Branded Speaker Portal

For a one-stop shop, beautifully branded for your event, where your speakers can get the information they require and access the valuable training courses.

Live Sessions

Provide tailored live support sessions for your speakers, to answer their questions and provide more information, so that they feel supported and are well-prepared.

Conference Speaker Training Package

Let's discuss what you need to help your speakers reach new heights!

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HIVR4P 2021

Appreciate this service and I do think that scientists generally can benefit from learning how to understandably present their data to broad audiences.

Helen was fantastic and I really appreciate her suggestions to make my presentation more effective. I feel more confident about my presentation.


Session Speaker,

2021 ICN Congress

I found these resources far exceeded my expectations. As an educator myself for many years I had not truly appreciated the power of having an actual person delivering information. I felt Helen had a very powerful way of connecting with the audience which I have not experienced much in the virtual environment particularly in the asynchronous space. I will be using these tips and tricks for my presentations and in my teaching from now on and thank Helen for putting these together in such an engaging way.


Alexa Forbes,

International Communications Consultant, UK

As a conference organizer, imagine seeing a tight, one hour session on the draft agenda that comprises ten, quick-fire, TED-type talks from nine young malaria researchers working around the world, where English is not necessarily their first language. This session needs to be high energy, engaging but, most of all, it cannot run over on time. We called for Present Potential’s help. Helen provided these young speakers with an overview of what was required from them and through a series of 1:1 virtual meetings, coached them through the development of engaging slides and high-energy, inspiring and well-rehearsed presentations. The session was well received by the audience of 200 delegates and the young presenters received lots of confidence-building, positive feedback.