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Whether you are struggling to put your content together, or totally paralyzed by fear or just want to work on your voice, your body language or your presence, I'm here to help.

I believe that everyone can unlock their potential and speak with more confidence and conviction.

It does take some hard work and commitment, but together, we will get there.

The Present Potential Academy is a hub bursting with support materials to develop your presentation and public speaking skills.


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Manage your nerves when presenting or speaking in a high-stakes situation.

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What Others are Saying About Present Potential Training

Alexa Forbes

International Communications Consultant, UK

Helen provided these young speakers with an overview of what was required from them and through a series of 1:1 virtual meetings, coached them through the development of engaging slides and high-energy, inspiring and well-rehearsed presentations.

The session was well received by the audience of 200 delegates and the young presenters received lots of confidence-building, positive feedback.

2021 ICN Congress Speaker

These resources far exceeded my expectations.

As an educator myself for many years I had not truly appreciated the power of having an actual person delivering information. I felt Helen had a very powerful way of connecting with the audience which I have not experienced much in the virtual environment.

I will be using these tips and tricks for my presentations and in my teaching from now on and thank Helen for putting these together in such an engaging way. 

Tracy Bury

Deputy CEO, World Physiotherapy

Helen is very approachable and easy to work with; she is very responsive, asking the right questions to obtain the information required to understand the context and inform her presentation.

We enjoyed working with Helen developing this new format of guidance and support for our congress speakers.

Your Trainer and Coach

My name is Helen von Dadelszen. I’m originally from New Zealand (I'm a "kiwi") but have lived in Europe for almost 20 years. I have an eclectic background in Human Resources and recruitment, non-profit and Event Management. I love the theatre and am an award-winning Toastmaster (nothing to do with grilling bread!).

My mission is to help professionals get their message across and build up their confidence. I specialise in working with non-native English speakers, researchers and young professionals.


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